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Maria Papapanagiotou

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Maria Papapanagiotou is Health Reporter, travel health content manager, Migration and Trafficking through Greece Communication Strategist, happy science follower, Empathy NGO admin, Web media creator

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Greek Winter 2016

Our very updated Homepage by Wellness In Greece Guide to Travel your Mind, in case you missed Greece

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Trust your basic enstict eye to full-sense what’s Greece | Greek2m eye

Trust your basic enstict eye to full-sense what’s G...

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Ebola, Greece: The Greek CDC recommendations for Travellers to and from the West Africa Country | moodhackerblog

Ebola, Greece: The Greek CDC recommendations for Tr...

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Greek2m Alert ! To travelers to and from the Aegean islands traveling on board

Traveling by ship to and from the North Aegean islands during these days, might become risky for your health, unfortunately, if you don't take all the recommended measures to protect you and your family

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the MUST 24/7 GUIDELINES FOR MOSQUITO PROTECTION , SUMMER 2013 IN GREECE for residents and travellers

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On Sale , Everything you know as Greece, by the "merchants of the Nation"

“38 airports, the Public Power Corporation, thermal springs, 700 kilometers of motorway, 100 ports, hotels, a castle, and 2000 square meters of land in Corfu, hundreds of acres of sea front property…” “Greece sells all, Greeks in the wind.”

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Greece's own Armagedon... is in the air ! ( since 2013)

By Polio risk looming over Europe, Greece is fetching the unbearable burden of Protecting the Western world's Health Safety, in a more than tragic Armagedon scenario